Spring Forward In Your Career – Three Steps to Take Now

It’s that time of year when we start getting spring fever and are reminded to set our clocks forward one hour. It’s also traditionally thought of as the time of year for renewal and rebirth. So why not make it also a time for career renewal!

A recent CareerSidekick blog had this to say about the spring job market: “As you get closer to summers, companies feel more pressure to finish the interview process and hire somebody. This is because they know people in the company will go on vacation in the summer and it’ll be harder to finish up the hiring process.”

No matter where are you are in your career – just starting out, looking for something new, or thinking about your (maybe) last pivot – there are three things you can do right now to prepare for your spring job search.

Spring Job Search Action Items

1. Take stock of your accomplishments

Review your accomplishments over the last year (or longer if you haven’t done it in a while) and update your résumé, cover letter, and social media profiles. Take the time to get quantifiable metrics about the impact and importance of the effort to differentiate yourself from the field.

Do you love your company and the role you have but want to set yourself up for a promotion? Then springing forward might include creating a “Year In Review” for you to take to your boss that spells out your impact and how that positions you for the next level.

2. Nurture and update your network

Did you put your networking skills into hibernation over the winter? It’s time to make an effort to reach out to your network, look to build new connections, and invest the time to let people know what you are up to. Be ready with your elevator pitch of what you’ve been doing and also with the answer to the “what are you looking to do next” question.

3. Brush up on your interviewing skills

Even if you think you are the cat’s meow when it comes to interviewing, take the time to research and prepare for video and in-person interviews. Be sure to research the company, do an inventory of your interview wardrobe, and pull together the stories that best highlight your accomplishments. For video interviews, don’t forget to find a quiet, visually appealing space to hold your interview and check your camera angles!

The job search process takes focus, time, and commitment. Use the longer spring days ahead to get in the search mindset, identify your goals, and establish a structure and system for optimal results.

Need help in springing forward? Let’s schedule some time to chat about how to make it happen. Email me at lisamhebert@lmhadvisors.com. I’d love to hear from you!

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