About LMH Advisors

The Origin of LMH Advisors

My professional transition and company began during a conversation with my older brother about where I wanted my career to go next. Using my own experiences, I had been helping people in professional transitions throughout most of my career. I was looking at how to turn my side hustle into a service-based business. 

He helped me realize I had a viable enterprise and shouldn’t get caught up in the idea that everything had to be precisely right to be called a business. His words allowed me to understand where I was in the process and that it wasn’t too far off from where I wanted to go. With that realization, I launched my company in 2012.

What Sets My Company Apart

Through my own unique career path, including management in a Fortune 100 company, management consulting, running professional services for a software development company, government consulting, and as a career advisor and transition specialist, I have gained valuable experience to help others in their professional transitions.

How The Process Works

The process begins even before you decide to hire me. It’s important that you’re comfortable with me. We begin with a complimentary discussion where I get to know you. I want to understand your history and experience, where you want to go, and your professional transition objectives. We don’t want to repeat what you’ve already done. From there I’ll put together a proposal of individualized services. My proposal includes an outline of the work, the anticipated timeline, what I expect of you, what you should expect of me, and the cost.

The first step in the process is to collect relevant information such as previous résumés, your LinkedIn profile, and any assessments like STRONG and DiSC. I create detailed and individualized questions to elicit the greatest amount of information about you. Then we have a 90-minute recorded interview via Zoom. I don’t give you the questionnaire to fill out. I want to hear your story in your words and have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions based on your answers.

After that, we can rewrite your résumé, update your LinkedIn profile, and/or discuss how to network more efficiently. These are some of the services I offer.

A résumé rewrite includes a draft to review and determine if you feel comfortable with the direction I’m going in. Once you are comfortable, we finalize the resume and I provide both a word and PDF version.

With a LinkedIn profile review, I provide you content followed by LinkedIn training sessions, such as how to update your profile. I don’t change your profile directly due to LinkedIn guidelines and internet protocol constraints.

Your individual deliverables and timeline will determine how many conversations we have.

I will check in with you periodically even if we don’t have scheduled calls to see if you have challenges completing the tasks we’ve discussed.

We work through the task list and timeline outlined in your proposal. The amount of time we spend together depends on what we agreed to accomplish. If it’s Career Road Mapping, we have more conversations.

Results You Can Expect To Achieve

You will have an impactful, personalized, professional brand. I will help build your confidence, so you have the capability to hit the job market and ace the interviews for the positions you seek. I want you to be competent, capable, and confident after we stop talking formally.