Career Exploration

Career Exploration Services are for job seekers who aren’t sure where they want to go next professionally. I sometimes call these people “Renaissance” clients because many times they’ve done a lot, have a wealth of knowledge, and have many talents to offer employers. Yet, they need support to pinpoint the focus of their career objectives and targets.

The ability to articulate your direction, brand, and focus isn’t always intuitive for everyone. These are critical to designing your message and brand, both of which must be solidly defined for the marketplace.

Career Exploration Services help you clarify your career objective and target so we can clearly define who you are, what you do, what motivates you to do it, and why potential employers should hire you.

During the exploration process, we invest time discovering where you get your energy, what’s going to make you happy, and how you’ll be best received in the marketplace. Using my exercises and content, we’ll also fast-track identifying the people, places, and things you enjoy working with most to further define your focus.

The longer it takes to clarify your direction, the more time you lose in potential for wealth building. This is especially true if you’re looking to change jobs and increase pay. There is a finite timeline for some of us in our careers. Career Exploration Services is a way to move forward faster, effectively, and efficiently.

If you already know exactly where you want to go in your career with a clear idea of your brand, objectives, and targets, Career Exploration Services may not be for you. You may be ready for one of my other services as your next step.

Career Exploration Really Works

When you’re crystal clear about your values and strengths, you can confidently present yourself in interviews because it comes from your heart. That foundation allows you to apply for the jobs that best suit you and have the highest chance of being hired.