While working with LMH Advisors, what I appreciated most was the respect for my time as a client. I was always kept in the loop about what was going on, when to expect deliverables, and Lisa was always very prepared for our sessions and calls. Being based in the Middle East, I was impressed with the the time taken to research my professional background and Lisa’s adaptability to adjust my resume and other documents to the region.

International Museum Curator

As my first experience using a resume write or career coach, I came into this process not quite knowing what to expect. After using her services, I keep thinking that I wish I had found her years ago. She is thoughtful, perceptive, and truly tailors the process to what each individual needs. I would give Lisa my highest recommendation, I cannot think of a single person that would not benefit from having a discussion with her and using her services.

Wine & Spirits Senior Executive

Working with Lisa was eye-opening. We looked at my experience and my interests in new ways, which has broadened my search scope in a refreshing and exciting direction. She is affable, highly organized and very eloquent. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Lisa, and I am very proud of my updated profile and résumé.

Senior Operations Executive

My experience at LMH advisors was excellent. As a college student, Lisa was a great help with introducing me to the professional world. I have never felt more prepared to apply for a job/internship.

College Senior

“When I first came to Lisa, I was a Sales professional with a 19 year track record in one industry. Working with Lisa opened my mind to explore possibilities across industries that align with my personal interests, career goals and values. Her personalized approach helped me build a foundational understanding of my strengths and interests and where my selling experience would be applicable. Her hands on guidance with networking, maximizing Linked In (and using it properly for recruitment) research tips/tricks, tailoring my resume to serve multiple industries has really empowered me to take on this exciting new adventure. I highly recommend Lisa’s services to anyone looking to make a career change or explore new opportunities!”

Sales Manager

Lisa takes the time to learn who you are and what motivates you. She is able to pull information from you that will take your resume to the next level.”

Senior Communications & Media Executive

LMH Advisors helped me take my resume and LinkedIn profile to the next level. Great experience, great investment with a great payoff.

Operations Vice President & Veteran

The “job search game” simply is not what I thought it was, and Lisa has shown me that I have much more in the way of options and strategy than I knew.

Addiction Rehabilitation Counselor

I haven’t looked at my resume or even thought of restructuring it since I graduated from college over ten years ago and I reached out to Lisa and she was instrumental in revamping it.  Lisa has a niche to breakdown strengths of an individual and will bring them to life within a resume.  She not only knows how resumes should be set up but what stood out to me is her focus on the data analysis of a resume.  The numbers don’t lie and she has a unique way of conveying that through her rhetoric, that it be a graph or another medium.  It transformed my resume and I am so proud of mine now, when I show other peers they are extremely impressed how my resume comes across. It’s night and day from what my resume once was.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

After years of constant job searching, reading the same, stale advice on resumes and LinkedIn profiles just made the process even more tedious and something I continued to put off. Working with Lisa was the jumpstart that I needed. She drew information out of me that I never felt hiring managers were interested in and helped me update how I presented myself and career. After this much-needed reset, I feel that hiring managers have “seen” me more than before.

Digital Marketing Specialist