Getting You Across the Finish Line

Your resume and brand documents are important. They are what get you into the race. But you want more than to run, right? I offer additional services to help you successfully get everything you want out of your job search.

Career Outreach

Nearly 100% of my clients take advantage of these networking and connecting services because they will give you the biggest impact in your job search. Most people aren’t aware of how powerful these tools are in the job search process. They can help you understand how the market works and build important connections that can lead to your dream job.

I help you learn the process for finding the right people to reach out to in your job search and provide you with communication templates customized for your outreach. A Career Outreach Template is included to track your outreach.

Interview Preparation

An interview is about much more than repeating what’s on your resume. It’s about articulating your value and thinking about your experiences in a way that is meaningful to potential employers.

I help clients develop the stories that showcase their experiences and abilities to align with the positions they seek. Through mock interview role-playing, you’ll learn to interview with preparation and confidence. This service is useful for those junior in their career without significant interviewing experience and for those who want to strengthen their interviewing skills.

Compensation Negotiation

Knowing how to negotiate a compensation package that reflects your professional value and worth is priceless. If you aren’t prepared, it can be a difficult conversation.

Compensation is more than your salary. Depending on where you are in your career, it may include time off, remote work environment, additional training, PTO requirements, and more. It’s important to understand the mechanics of compensation negotiation and how the company is thinking about salary ranges and bonuses.

I teach professionals what the numbers should be as well as what is feasible and realistic in the marketplace. It’s about helping your employer say yes and you both coming out winners.

This service is typically for people junior in their career who don’t have as much background understanding what they need to advocate for.